In MYSTIC INDIA FOUNDATION all poets share a fraternal relationship, as a confraternity of spiritually and morally enlightened souls informed with common consciousness of the common good. They have an equal share in making it a living interactive and vibrant group and as “unacknowledged legislators of the world”, to borrow Shelley’s appellation, they have a great role to play in enriching and carrying forward the humane values of civilization with a view to the greatest good of all life, the earth-mother, all nature and cosmos.
We aim to make the group truly active and vibrant; hence each brother/sister-poet should review atleast two posts of the other fraternal poet-friends. You will kindly appreciate providing constructive review/feedback is as important for a poet than writing and publishing poems. This is the time-tested way to help the process of mutual learning and cultivation of excellence.

Hence it is imperative on part of each one of the fellow poets in this group to offer their valuable insights in the form of review comments, critical cum creative insights to the best of their capacity.

Furthermore all members please feel free to invite as many poet friends to the group as you may feel like with a view to making it a truly representative fraternity of poets on the Website. Poet-friends are always welcome to the group in the true spirit of mutual sharing of their finest and best poetic talent and treasure-trove of poetic excellence.May God bless us all.Amen!(Yayati)